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Que es Quianon?

This is Quianon. Welcome to the office of Cristian Cipriani. 

We are the official representatives of Clips4sale Colombia

We are a human behavior research agency, we provide direct services to + BEU + branditscan + Besecret + Mamacitaz. We are a producer of high-level content, information and research for the most important digital ecosystem of the planet. We produce content for large websites such as and we represent world-class artists such as Nacho Vidal


Empowering our team, empowering our models with educational experiences, disruptive change in a new design of a tribu. We are the most important adult content company in Colombia, with more than 18 years in the market.

We are in Colombia.

As a research agency for Clips4sale, we do the entire process with any company that wants to monetize with this platform in Colombia, from independent models, webcam studios, or large world-class adult production companies around the globe.

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The profile of Cristian Cipriani – Clips4Sale click here.

In this account we have years of 100% legal content from Cristian Cipriani that is recorded daily in the Cipriani offices with our team. 

In addition, Cristian helps create between 20 and 40 monthly accounts of new talents, webcam studios and companies. 

Step one!!!!! – Click here

We collect a database of thousands of models in Colombia and webcam studios, create personalized online and face-to-face dates and adjust a strategy to create and monetize their accounts –

After the first step, with each case we analyze what the strategy could be and we deliver specialized pieces of education, divided by modules. For example:

You have a webcam studio? Lets make a plan – click here.

we produce all time new creative marketing plans for all our staff, inclusive for models with older accounts for get new info about how to make more money with manyvids

Ok, lets go to the next step – INFORMATION – podcast – by Cipriani

Throughout this process, Cristian Cipriani created his own podcast to talk about deep issues and give a lot of information, a podcast on SPOTIFY, which is now 100 episodes long, so we decided to make a new season focused on more human and technological strategists on how be independent with us. This is the result

Now the strategy is to give women a voice in the podcast, I want to do more focused research on porn for women and musical porn, a project that will teach a model how to create her podcasts on manyvids efficiently and earn money!!!!!!!

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