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About Quianon – Full report

Quianon – The office of Cristian Cipriani – – ( The voice of Manyvids in Latam )

This is Quianon 

We are a human behavior research agency, we provide direct services to – We are a producer of high-level content, information and research for the most important digital ecosystem of the planet.


Empowering our team, empowering our models with educational experiences, disruptive change in a new design of a tribu.

We are in Colombia.

As a research agency for Manyvids, we do the entire process with any company that wants to monetize with this platform in Colombia, from independent models, webcam studios, or large world-class adult production companies around the globe, like for example. We create our own educational products, but also explicit ones to become the voice in Latam. We represent the greatest talents worldwide such as Nacho Vidal, one of the best porn stars in the planet.

The profile of Cipriani –

Educates by example. At Quianon, one of the requireerments for all members of the team is to have a Manyvids account, even if they are the father of Cristian Cipriani (Do you want to see Marzio Cipriani’s profile? Link Here)

The profile of Cristian Cipriani – click here

About this profile: We are sending around 15k to 20k visits per month. And extra we have multiples traffic sources to make educationals for our people: YOUTUBE CHANNEL – CIPRIANI – CLICK HERE

About the profile, for EDUCATIONALS, just follow this link site: EDUCATION WITH CIPRIANI FOR MANYVIDS

In this account we have years of 100% legal content from Cristian Cipriani that is recorded daily in the Cipriani offices with our team. 

In addition, Cristian helps create between 20 and 40 monthly accounts of new talents, webcam studios and companies. Those accounts are shared with the Manyvids head office, to show that we are an efficient and productive company.

We are

Step one!!!!! – Click here

We collect a database of thousands of models in Colombia and webcam studios, create personalized online and face-to-face dates and adjust a strategy to create and monetize their accounts –

During more than two years of contract with Manyvids, we learned to use tools to improve our processes, for example, all the information is collected directly through our CMS and CMR – Directly in our multiple LEADS forms.

After the first step, with each case we analyze what the strategy could be and we deliver specialized pieces of education, divided by modules. For example:

You have a webcam studio? Lets make a plan – clicl here.

Making your first 1k in Manyvids – Just click here

Lets make your items in your profile account in manyvids, let me help you

Or ask for LUCY our marketing expert for studios webcam – clicl here

we produce all time new creative marketing plans for all our staff, inclusive for models with older accounts for get new info about how to make more money with manyvids

Ok, lets go to the next step – INFORMATION – podcast – by Cipriani

Throughout this process, Cristian Cipriani created his own podcast to talk about deep issues and give a lot of information, a podcast on SPOTIFY, which is now 100 episodes long, so we decided to make a new season focused on more human and technological strategists on how be independent with Manyvids. This is the result

Now the strategy is to give women a voice in the podcast, I want to do more focused research on porn for women and musical porn, a project that will teach a model how to create her podcasts on manyvids efficiently and earn money!!!!!!!

Social networking? Check the account Manyvids Latino – Instagram – Lets make magic

Editor academy!!!!! are you ready?

At quianon we learned that empowering women is the way to go, that’s why we designed the editors course, made up of 16 intensive hours per model in our offices to teach them how to edit. The reason is very simple. We have 3,000 indirect models in Colombia and we need 1 editor for each 10 models, so we created an algorithm to develop a master plan and become Manyvids research agency, which provides an army of editors in real time, with a projection of 5 new hiring in edition every 2 months where we see that the sales numbers are affected with new masterpieces.

About the future. Our primary research lines…

The future is practically tomorrow, for that reason we created a new corporate order to carry out various investigations.

  1. How to improve what we currently do for Manyvids
  2. Our publisher academy – To help our people
  3. How to integrate the music industry with Manyvids – We have a very extensive project with DJS, which we will present very soon
  4. Porn for women, created by women
  5. The Human Tool – Mental Health
  6. Structure your webcam studio to be a tribe, just like we were taught
  7. What does the concept of agency mean and how to do it with our models

The documentary of your life – by Quianon and Manyvids.

Death is not scary, what is truly scary is not being able to leave a legacy with what was the most important thing in your life. Quianon presents: Your own documentary on Manyvids, for life.

This project is perhaps one of the most important in my life. Each person has a legacy, that legacy is the most valuable information about him, his own history, his knowledge …. therefore Manyvids is a company that allows you to charge from a simple advice, an object, a subscription. That is why I propose: Create a documentary line as follows

  1. Collective money collection: This is a Manyvids tool. Manyvids could have a landing page, also Quianon and we are going to show the collective collection of 10 people (for example) To only make the TRAILER of their documentary – That trailer will cost each model between 3k and 5k – Then we select and reward the best trailer, we produced it on a large scale in 4k with a team in Colombia and we created a section in Manyvids for documentaries that can compete with the best mainstream platforms on the planet, for example in my case I would bet on competing with Netflix, Amazon and Paramount

So, simply, Manyvids becomes the most important online platform for documentaries worldwide in branches of information related to the adult world. Project in development.

Imagine that we offer each user the premium option to the documentaries section with one condition: We need 1 dollar, and in one year they will be entitled to the entire PREMIUM DOCUMENTARY part. That multiplied by 4M active users, gives us a budget to have the best documentary company on the planet on adult topics, told by real models of the adult business.

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